Phillip Natale has worked in the financial services industry since 2006. He started his career as a junior partner at Morgan Stanley, where he achieved his licenses and developed his understanding of the various financial investment markets. Soon after, Phillip decided to advance his career by joining the AXA Advisors Group when he repeatedly saw his clients’ need for a more holistic and comprehensive approach to financial planning beyond simple investment. Through further education and training, Phillip joined AXA’s Retirement Benefits Group where he now specializes in working with state, county, and local municipal employers and their employees.

As part of his continued dedication to serving his clients, in 2014 Phillip earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® professional designation from The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA.  The RICP® educational curricula is the most complete and comprehensive program available to professional financial advisors looking to help their clients create sustainable retirement income.  The rigorous three course credential helps advisors master retirement income planning, a key focus area not fully covered in other professional designation programs.  From retirement portfolio management techniques and mitigation of plan risks to the proper use of annuities, employer-sponsored benefits and determining the best Social Security claiming age, the RICP® provides a wealth of practical information for advisors.

Teaming up for you, Phillip Natale has built a team of comprehensive financial professionals to better serve clients growing need for Comprehensive Financial Planning. The teams focus is to provide 457 deferred compensation to government, county, city, and local public employees and to help them understand Financial Planning, Cash Management, Investment Allocations, Life Insurance, Retirement Withdraw Strategies, Long Term Health Care and Estate Planning. By forming this team we understand the financial needs of individuals and government employees

Phillip Natale and his team are dedicated to making sure that you and your families are protected and that your investment strategies are putting you on track toward achieving your financial goals.  Phillip’s superb financial acumen regarding proper education, investments, retirement, and life insurance planning and their excellent, personalized client service ensure that your individual retirement plan will meet your and your family’s needs. 

Phillip and his team provides this through a simple four-step approach:

  • By providing an initial consultation and assessment of personal financial wants, needs, and goals
  • By analyzing and prioritizing your information and goals
  • By presenting the strengths and weaknesses of particular financial plan options
  • By taking the appropriate actions at the appropriate times to best serve your financial interests through a process of ongoing reviews

Phillip and his team find that clients most appreciate this last step in ensuring their financial success and future security. Your financial plan is a living organism, and so it must evolve as your life does. Phillip and his team understand that lives change, plans change, and things happen, and they will be there for you as they do.